Friday, June 23, 2006

globalwarming and our dire need of dams

i was watching this discussion about global warming and how we're on the edge of a precipice.a few years ago i used to pooh pooh global warming..or like the chinese/indians or third world countries in general blame it all on the west.even though the west is primarily responsible for getting the world where it is right now as far as global warming is concerned that does not mean we carry on in the same vein cos the consequences would be apocolyptic. it might be unfair to us but we dont really have a choice. we need to invest more in eco friendly energy sources as well as industrial output.
now i really think we need many as we can build and obviously as eco friendly as possible. for starters we are a poor agrarian economy.secondly energy is way to expensive and unreliable in this country. third we really need to marshall our water sources better.besides dams we need to line our canals so that seepages are limited. however one dam that is truly needed will never be built.thats kalabagh.there ive me a lahori/punjabi insensitive domineering bastard if u want but kalabagh has the most merit. from my understanding dams store water not consume them. secondly kalabagh naturally or geographically is in such an area which is best suited to store the maximum amount of water.for example the monsoon rains dont go upto basha.basha can only catch the water of the melting glaciers. secondly kabul river links up with the indus before kalabagh and after tarbela(huge source of water.) flooding would almost be eliminated in punjab and sindh. large tracts of balochistan will become arable.indus delta will be preserved cos there'll be water all year round to send down kotri(ill elaborate on this later on).and finally lots of cheap energy will be produced. the negatives are 80000-100000 ppl will be displaced. parts of NWFP will be submerged. punjab will get royalty i for sindh not getting enough water i curse the people who screwed sindh out of its share of water in the past cos the mistrust has never gone for the indus delta case this is how kalabagh would help.during the monsoon season it so happens that for four months or so theres plenty of water in the indus.infact theres more water in the indus then is required.hence the annual floods.but when the winter comes and theres no melting snows and rainfall the situation in kotri downstream becomes critical.what kalabagh would do is store the rainfall and melting snows kalabagh is not the end all and be all...canals need to be lined as well..its not an either/or situation.suggestion to the contrary are welcome as usual

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

negativity gone wild!!!

we as a nation are highly negative, cynical and in most cases many cases its justified cos over the past 50 odd years this nations masses have been trampled upon civil and military governments feudals,industrialists and shopkeepers.the poor have been taken for granted and a ride by the so called elite of this 50 years of abuse and neglect cant be reversed'll take decades before that can happen..unfortunatly the circumstances are such that no one can wait for that long.there are many who subscribe to the notion that the gap between the rich and the poor has widened.poverty has increased.i will not get into that.i will also try not getting into the ideological/philosophical debate for the moment as well.what can be done to eradicate and education.providing opportunities for employment as well as providing some semblance of eductaion to enable the poor the means to acquiring skills.there are many job opportunities in this country that are going unfilled because of lack of skilled labor..just ask anyone in the textile industry.we need textile colleges and universities.another area is skilled labor involved in masonry etc.this labor is in high demand cos of the construction(boom) spurt/bubble whatever u want to call it..their wages have shot up while their numbers have gone down.basically supply of electricians,carpenters,painters is not keeping up with demand.third the PSDP progam of the government is akin to Roosevelt's new deal.public spending providing jobs not in factories and industry but in building infrastructure.dams/highways/canals/gas pipelines/grid stations etc.for the first time in Pakistan's history the government has fiscal space to spend on meaningful infrastructure projects that will not only provide much needed employment to the poor but also enable industry to expand and become much more competitive.however theres a catch..the moneys there.the projects are there...but is there the capacity to actually spend and spend efficiently..that sadly is a big questionmark.political patronage and bureacratic inefficiencies will hinder that.but if the government can manage to even spend upto 75%of the rs.435billion that'll be tremendous and a very good start.PSDP if the current government structure remains is estimated to go up by at least 20%every year.that means over the next 6 years the government will spend RS4.23 trillion or at currnet exchange rates $70billion.all this money hopefully will be spent on development infrastructure.if most of this money is spent the face of this country will be changed for the better.since inflation has reared its ugly head very soon into our economic growth it'll behoove the government to ensure the money spent doesnt add to the inflationary pressure.
as for the private sector if energy as well as road infratructure is improved their costs of doing business should come down thus hastening the rate of their growth and expansion.eveything is linked but it will take time.people talk about musharraf having had 7 yrs and not achieving much and tht to an extent is a justifiable criticism, however it is only in the last couple of years that we have managed to create some fiscal hopeful but there are still many hurdles to overcome.however despite the inflation,poverty etc water has started going into the glass drop by drop.lets hope the drops becomes bigger and heavier

Friday, May 26, 2006

the week that was

lots of stuff about the charter of democracy...the charters alright but one thing that came to mind was that theres talk about military and their control and allocation of land yet no mention of land reform...think that is one important if not the most important reform needed in this country especially if democracy has to flourish here.

fazlur rehmans broken from qazi...qazi and imran khan are going to do the long marches thingies on their own...dunnoo whether ppl will turn out in this heat though..

speaking of qazi and jammat islami their student wing is up in arms over the expulsion of their leader from punjab university..its about time someone took action against these people.why it took so long is beyond me...these people have terrorised the student body for far too long...parhna hai to parho warna get out!!

have an interesting story to tell..will provide further insight into the psyche of this natiion...recently prices of pulses had skyrocketed in pakistan..channa was imported from abroad and the landed cost at karachi was approx. rs.15/kg(not sure how they measure channa)..the market price before arrival of this channa was rs.40/kg..what did the importer do..sold the channa at the same wholesale price prevailing in the a result no slump in channa prices while dealer walked off with big fat profits..i guess if as a nation we can raise prices of commodities during ramzan this isnt the least bit surprising...

geo is doing a special on the hudood ordinance..thank God..theyve regained some respect in my eyes...that abomination of an ordinance is a blot on our collective arses..countless women are in jail cos they could not produce four credible muslim witnesses to testify on their behalf that they were indeed raped..aarrghh!!

google released a study...pakistan and india tied for nations that searched the word sex most on the internet..phillipines and believe it or not saudi arabia came in first for search of gay porn LOL!!..on the brighter side pakistan and india also came in first for search of learning to speak english...too much repressed sexual energy in this nation...khair lets not go there

budget is around the corner...every industry it seems is losing money and becoming globally uncompetetive...everyone wants tax breaks and subsidies...funny how one month before the budget everything seems to be going to the dogs...khair to be honest energy costs are high...hence the need for dams and yes my sindhi friends tht includes kalabagh...nuclear energy,gas exploration all need to be expedited...however i would love for some subsidy to the poor especially when it comes to essential food items...prices have gone up way too much...

football world cup is near and that has me excited..for the record my team is very happy for west indies cricket these days...not only are they winning matches again but theyre beating india which had grown a little too big for its boots in the process..yipee!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

the afghan mess

yet again karzai and his rag tag government have gone off the deep end...they know where osama and mullah umer are...they know exactly where they're hiding in villain of the century pakistan yet the heroes of the century america has no clue...i mean what kind of nonsense is this....if they know where those two r hiding why the hell is america their protector publicly pronouncing its ignorance about this and not pressuring us to do more..why is it tht zawahiri guy spends half his time exhorting pakistanis to oust musharraf...maybe karzai's right and musharraf's in bed with al qaeda and the taliban...zawahiri is making such statements to make musharraf look good..maybe musharraf's ordered hundereds of troops to get themselves killed in waziristan and elsewhere so tht he looks good.maybe he's angering many of his own public and those MMA fundos to look good...and he's just biding for time to show his true colors which will see the unleashing of the taliban on hapless karzai and afghanistan...karzai needs to get his opium hookah out of his mouth...its at times like these when i sometimes want to unleash my nationalistic/xenophobic side...send all the refugees packing...send a bill asking for payments they owe us for hosting their asses for 25 long yrs...seal of the border..fence it completely and forever discard the durrand line issue to the dustbins of history...finally ban the afghan transit facility...let them go through iran...he should remember one thing...the american will leave and forget about will the rest of the west...but we'll still be here...we'll still be here...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

liberal disorder

i was just thinking about LUMS..actually i was thinking about higher education in pakistan when i realised how strong the penetration of the religious right in our education systems really is...they control Punjab university through the goonish IJT a student body that is the student wing of the jamaat-e-Islami.while thinking about lums i observed how so much of the faculty belongs to the tableeghi fact i recalled how the professors of Lums are actually educating the Ijtimah about sciences and stuff...which is good but thts not my point..the point im making is that politically apart from the last election the religious parties havent fared so well in our country...yet now i fear that its a matter of time before they take over...heres why....they are supremely organized and extremely focused on the whole....theyve got the soft spoken loving types and theyve got the hate spewing, gun totting types...they disagree amongst themselves but unite on one common objective that Pakistan was formed for islam...pakistan should have the shariah and by and large they alone know what islam's all about...zia-ul-haq's rule helped them alot...theyve got the blashphemy and hudood laws...theyve got text books to their liking...theyve got a hold over most if not all state run universities...but most importantly for the longest part theyve had little or no effective opposition...

the real point of this post was to examine the state of the progressive movement if you can call it tht...according to my parents and other elders of mine, pakistan was a place where most believed in live and let live..cinemas were good places for family entertainment...walking on streets was safe for both sexes and generally society as a whole was much more tolerant...the liberals found themselves on the slippery slope under bhutto's rule when one concession after the other was granted to the mullahs...they are no longer on tht slippery slope instead theyre at the very bottom of the pit flailing about aimlessly while the country figures out whther to follow them in the same pit or not...unlike the right, the left lacks clarity...many dont believe in Pakistan having bought into the ideology being spewed by the right...dejected and demoralised they rail against the very institution and person that might actually rehabilitate them and this country...the army and before everyone starts dismissing me aas a naive musharraf lover read me out...for most of the past century the left vs right deabte was about economics...command economy vs market the market economy stands victorious and as a result the left has changed its tune in the the left vs right battle is about cultural and social values...sadly many on the left in this country are still stuck in the economic philosophical debate...the right/establishment in this country over the past few decades have changed the rules of the game....theyve made common Pakistanis feel affinity more for fellow muslims to the west than to india from which we were carved out...the liberals still frame the debate in context of india....some feel partition was wrong...some yearn for the same secular, democratic ideals of india...the last part is indeed noble yet utterly useless...for starters people care more for food and employment than representative government...secondly using india as an example to follow, rightly or wrongly isnt the best way to convince people...the only way the liberals can come out of the doldrums is to beat the mullahs at their own game...they can do this by being far sighted and losing the maximalist positions they hold so dear...piggyback onto the same establishment the mullahs used cos in this post 9/11 environment this might be possible.i say this cos in musharraf they have a military leader whose world view is pragmatic and progressive...doubting and dismissing him cos he hasnt made pakistan a beacon of prosperity overnight is foolish....if he had the support of most of the liberals he wouldnt need most of the PML(Q)...liberals doubt him cos they perceive him as someone who takes one step forward two steps i said the society is where it is cos the right for the past 3 decades or so infiltrated and penetrated all walks of'll take some time to reverse that...but the current situation isnt so rosy...with the PPP joining up with the MMA on a single point agenda to remove musharraf the real long term losers will be Pakistan and the liberals cos with musharraf out the slow process of unziafying the army will come to a halt and we'll be back to the situation on september10th, note to liberals...look at Turkey...its the establishment that is the guardian of the progressive,secular order in turkey...something to think about....everything does not have to be black and white

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

weather reports be damned!!

so election year is almost upon us..alliances are being formed..charters being signed...anti government drives being planned and the government's budget is around the corner...the president has had it easy for a long time...but this last year has been a rough one...the cartoon controversy coupled with the "mehngai" followed by the disastrous Bush trip had him in a spot of bother...he's still not out of the woods yet though...if prices are brought down within the next couple of months things will die down on the whole...if he takes off his uniform soon, there'll be hardly any excuse left for the ARD wallahs to oppose.or for tht matter bush and the west..MMA will be the main opposition but it seems like the government or agencies have managed to split the MMA with fazl-ur-rehman refusing to join Qazi's anti government agitation.all thts left is for the Q-league to put its house in order which will be a tall order indeed...

read this piece by Dr. manzur Ejaz today..he compares the current situation to the era of Ayub Khan...ive never agreed with this 22 families controlling everything is bad...ok its inherently bad but what i mean to say is that korea has its chaebols, japan its conglomerates and today u look at india and u see the ambanis,tatas etc making multinational companies..i'm going to do some research on the evolution of Korea soon...see how these handul of families made LG,Samsung,Hyundai,Daewoo and in the process lifted all of Korea out of poverty and made it the worlds 11th largest economy today...korea also happens to be the most wired country with some of the most cutting edge R&D taking place i just wonder that if the nationalisation had'nt taken place, is it possible tht the saigols, habibs of this land would have established world class companies?...khair the good doctor thinks tht instead of 22 families there are 22,000 families controlling everything...i guess 22000 familiers are better than 22...

finally would like to comment on the rains that took place in most of punjab yesterday...for days people had been praying for rain...for days BBC,PTV etc had been reporting no chance of rain...Lo and behold it rained yesterday night...

Monday, May 15, 2006


ive decided to initiate this new blog.this is going to be my personel opinion page about news in general and the political scnario in Pakistan in particular..i thought i'd keep my other, original blog for random stuff...its here tht ill focus on jerry's take on the news. im sorry i couldnt come up with a better name..jerry's my nick name and my mind just went blank when it came time to naming a title...suggestions for the title are welcome.